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Our mission at Arbor & Root Salon is to inspire connection, from the hair we create to the environment we work in. We invite you into comfortable, relaxing surroundings that allow you to unwind and leave feeling refueled.

We chose sustainable products that allow us to master our craft, mindfully.  Arbor & Root’s name is a daily reminder to stay grounded in our values: intention, integrity, creativity, and connection. Here, we are able to wholeheartedly take care of our clients and the earth, while celebrating each other.


Arbor & Root is a cozy studio in the center of Londonderry, NH. The space has been built from the ground up with upcycled and recycled materials. We choose brands like KEVIN.MURPHY and Eco Shower Heads to support our goal of creating a sustainable salon.

We invite you to cozy up with a book from our giving library and unwind in a space that you can feel good about. The artwork throughout the salon was created by local artists. Upcycled materials were used to build an atmosphere of good energy.

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