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About Booking

We are an independent stylist salon. This means each one of our stylists is their own entity. To book with one of our stylists, click the Instagram emoji in their bio. It will connect you to their social media, and you can DM or contact them through their contact platforms!

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The Crew

From the very start of Arbor & Root, we have run off girl power. Each one of our six stylists has had a hand in the building of the salon. Aside from their commitment to the space, they are true badasses behind the chair.  We have a shared mission to take care of our clients, and each other.



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Chelsea is our owner and lived in color specialist. She is a craft stylist who focuses on enhancing your natural beauty. She specializes in precision cutting as well as blonding. Some of Chelsea’s favorite things behind the chair are: Modern shaggy cuts and fringes  Blunt bobs Long, lived in hair Balayage and Foilyage  Enhancing blondes, Coppers and brunettes Beachy, boho vibes Chelsea is environmentally conscious and always looking ways to create sustainability while flexing her creative muscle. One thing we love about Chelsea is her ability to connect with her guests. It’s important to her to form deep roots with her guest, so she can truly understand their hair goals and struggles. With 14 years experience, she creates a space behind the chair to connect with self, earth and one another.



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Alex’s mission behind the chair is to create beauty and meaningful relationships. Alex’s core value behind the chair is to build trust. Her priority is to create a bond with her guest. This way, she can put all she has into reaching each guests hair goal. She canopies her clients with safety, which allows them to speak truthfully as she lends a listening ear. Her favorite things to do behind the chair are: Blonding services Balayage Foilyage Long hair Alex is constantly learning, growing and to making new connections. She uses her craft to make guests feel beautiful inside and out. Alex is an enthusiastic stylist, who will push to make magic come to life for her guests hair. It’s important to her to have a positive impact on her clients happiness & self confidence each and every day.



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Alyssa has been in the field for 10 years. Her favorite part about her career is the depth of her relationships with her guests. For her, an important part of being a stylist is being able to be a listening ear and support system for her clients. Alyssa's goal as a stylist is to always make her guests feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. She is honored by the level of connection she gets to experience with her guests. Her connection to others is one of her greatest values. She lives her life behind the chair and outside of the salon with purpose. Her love for people, animals, Mother Earth, learning, connecting and exploring are what make her an invaluable part of the team and the industry.



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You can find Melanie kicking ass behind the chair. She works creatively and with ease to make her girl's hair dreams come true. You can count on Mel to be consistent in her skill and listen to your goals. She has 12 years of experience behind the chair, focusing on what she loved most: Lived in color Blonding services Maintaining blonde and balayage Cutting services Melanie values her connection to her guests on many levels. She is trusted as not only the stylist to give you great hair, but also as a confidant who gets into the nitty gritty with her guests. You know when you are sitting in Mel’s chair, you will be met with a calming and kind aura. Each person who encounters Mel as both a h



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With over 35 years experience Lorri has never once second guessed her career choice. She has formed countless relationships, shared stories and bonded with so many. Lorri loves catching up with her guests just as much as she loves maintaining their hair. Lorri specializes in: Curly hair  Natural color  Grey coverage  Foil work  Enhancing your natural beauty  Lorris prides herself on keeping her guests hair soft and natural. She believes in low maintenance color and classic hairstyles. Her communication works to her advantage when figuring out what’s best for her guests. Anyone who has ever sat in Lorris chair knows that she will be honest and caring with each decision made.



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Kimberly is known for her honesty both behind the chair and outside of the salon. Along side her honesty, Kimmy is a natural nurturer, which makes her connection with her guests deep and effortless. The combination of providing a comfortable and safe space, combined with making someone feel beautiful is what lights her fire. Kimmys favorite things to do behind the chair: Blonding Adding dimension Enhancing natural tones Long layered haircuts Bob hair cuts Kimmy has 16 years of experience and continued education behind the chair. She has a true passion for figuring out exactly what her guest is looking for. She customizes all her guests cuts and colors to be sure it works for their hair type and lifestyle.



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Sam is creating short hair masterpieces and creating custom color with 12 years experience. Her core values behind the chair and in the real world; honesty, quality and consistency. What we love about Sam is her ability to plant a seed and stem deep relationships with her guests. Sams favorite things to do behind the chair: short hair cutting custom hair color integrating trends Learning what is best suited for my guest based on their individual needs. Sam is am currently accepting select new guests. Weather you’re looking for a modern textured bob, or color that is made for you, Sam is your girl.

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